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	MBNG Mortgage Services | 





Buy Your Home! Start Building Your Future.

Call us today: 1 918 449 9838

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Mortgage Loans

Our team of consultants have extensive experience in the lending industry.

Find A Realtor

Buying or selling a home is a highly personal decision, and so is choosing an agent.

Financial News

The latest in financial news and the latest breaking stories in business, personal finance news.

Credit Services

Some information that highlights some key steps to cleaning up and repairing your credit.

Why choose us?

We offer speed in the approval, processing and closing of your loan, underwriting flexibility and unique loan programs. In addition, we have access to numerous lenders which allows us to meet everyone’s needs.

We have the capability to work with you in person, online, by phone or by mail. You determine what is most convenient for you.

image_1Our idea of success has always been to positively influence the people that we are fortunate enough to serve.